While growing up on a farm in New Jersey, my father read us stories by the fireplace each night. I watched the firelight dance around the room and the shadows on the walls. Besides watching light, I learned the beauty in the story of people’s lives, their expressions, connections, and the image they portrayed. Through my photography, I aim to capture these moments – as well as create them. My true passion for photography drives me to better my craft on an ongoing basis. I am dedicated to continuing education to constantly impart the latest technology, techniques, and trends to your projects while maintaining respect for the integrity of photographic craftsmanship. My goal is to produce a unique and distinctive portrait for each of my clients. Sometimes a client comes to me knowing specifically what they want, and I work with them to make it happen. Other times, the client gives me complete creative freedom to create the image. Either way, I work hard to ensure my client’s satisfaction.

Graduating from The Art Institute of Colorado at Denver trained me to work with film. I find this foundation to be more solid in switching to a digital medium. I trained in Studio work but soon worked on location as a Photojournalist as staff for the Boulder Weekly and Boulder County Business Report, and assignments for USA Today, Ski Magazine, Scholastic Inc. INScore Golf, OXFAM USA, Form and Style Magazine, and Yellow Scene Magazine. I also taught photography at Tara Performing Arts High School, Chinook Schools, and through Olac. I bring my formal and field experience to your session.

I do!! I photograph Special Events and Weddings from the traditional to candids to Photojournalistic style. Whether it is a garden party, a large elegant affair, or a creative gathering, I capture memories for lasting impressions. I bring fun, creativity, and sensitivity to your special day. And with my professional training, I’m also able to create unique finished prints, including everything from traditional touch-ups to more contemporary treatments.

People ask me why I named my business Olac Photography.

Olac is a ghost in a painting. The painting hung above the fireplace of every house I ever knew my Dad to live in.

He looked like a Spanish conquistador. Proud, strong, and arrogant. He looks like a rendition of Rembrandt’s “The Cavalier.”

In the 15th century, artists would market self-portraits to the aristocrats with a gimmick. These were referred to (as I know) “boot paintings.” The boot of a gun or eyes would follow you around the room.

Olac’s eyes followed all of us everywhere.

I loved Olac – I still do.

I named my business in the spirit of Olac and the memory of my father.

Dory has been studying faces for years and practices Skin Care at www.skincarewithdory.com if you would like to improve your Look for your session.