Allson Hines

I am really shy in photos. I asked Dory to take my pictures for my business and for my personal shots after seeing her portfolio. I get so many compliments and I cannot even believe the interest I got out of this investment in these photos. My Mother can’t believe when she sees the final pictures because Dory is a genius and is the only person that can capture me in a way that shows my true spirit and smile. I also never laughed as much as I did on this shoot. Ah..Mazing.

Allson Hines

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I’ve never considered myself photogenic, until I met Dory of Olac Photography. Dory did some photos for my professionsal marketing, and I couldn’d be happier. I get so many compliments, I love it. And people really notice my ads. Dory is simply the best, she’s so great to work with. I wouldn’t use anyone else. AH