What to expect and how to prepare for professional photo shoot with Olac Photography:


  • Rest well and keep yourself nourished and hydrated.
  • Arrive on time and have your outfits organized, pressed and clean.
  • We want your photos to show the best you!


  • If you are having make up and or hair styling (highly suggested for men and women) plan 1.25 hours.
  • For business headshots in the studio plan 30 minutes for photography.
  • For Environmental portraits plan 1-2 hours for photography.
  • For personal and boudoir sessions plan 1-2 hours for photography.
  • All events are on time frames for creativity and optimal images.

What to bring:

Business headshots:

Please avoid:  bright white or black tops or overly bold patterns. We want to enhance you and not be distracted by your outfit. Colors are fine; choose colors that fleeter your skin tone. Classics are best. We do not want your style choice to “date” you, so think timeless.

For business headshots: Remember, we only photograph from the waist up, so please be comfortable waist and below.

Men: Please bring several pressed shirts, several ties and jackets or coats if you wear them.

Women: Classic jewelry, V-necks, crew necks, Collars, scarves. Please no short or capped sleeves.

Environmental portraits:

An Environmental portrait is in the urban or country or home location of your choice. Here is where who you are can shine!  Consider what image you wish to get across.  Your whole body will be in most of the images, so please follow above and pay attention to legwear and shoes.  Please read headshot information and bring 2-3 outfit choices.

Couples and Family portraits:

We are representing the connection as a whole and the individuals. Often these are done on location, so consider the feel of the location.  Show your own style, though please dress in a similar fashion style as the others. Again please avoid black or white or overly bold tops if possible.

Boudoir Photography:

Ahhh…Yes, We do Boudoir! Time to heat things up: Think saucy reds and delicate peaches, beiges, and pinks. Try vintage. Try leather. Try vinyl.  Feel free to fashion your new sexy edge. Olac Photography suggests slips, boots, elbow-length gloves, hats, stockings, flowers, bustiers, corsets, lingerie, dresses, nighties, and jewelry…be imaginative. Yes, you may wish to go shopping!  Again, Please be organized with 3-4 outfits full ensembles. Call for boudoir photography ideas.

Maternity Photography: 

We want to see your belly, your Mommy-ness, your Loveliness. Your partner is more than welcome to join your photographic session. Many women wear nighties or wraps or even be decorated in flowers. Please ask Olac Photography for maternity photo ideas.

Weddings, Events, Gatherings:

Call for creative photography ideas.

After your photographic session with Olac Photography:

Olac Photography does several edits. We save and archive all files.  From last edit we enhance 10-15% of the images, so you know our picks and what is possible with the looks.  In 2 weeks, you are emailed a logo slide show that remains active for 10 days.

You may purchase:

Prints: Please know average camera framing does not fit frame sizes.  Most images need to be cropped or kept with content integrity bordered on 2 sides with black or white.  To figure sizes on a wall, a piece of white paper is your 8 x 10 size.

Canvases: Gorgeous wrap-around canvases that match retro, vintage, and modern interiors. Image wraps around 1.25-inch edges. Canvases can be any size from 5 x 7 and larger.

Digital Files may be purchased individually as a buyout or for personal use. 20 pre-post-produced images in package or entire session without post-production. Hard and soft cover books and souvenirs can be created.

All photographic sessions, make-up and styling, and image purchases are prepaid.

There is a 72-hour 50% cancellation policy.

Look forward to your session. It will be creative and fun!